by Ana Lena Copeland

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Anchored is a record about hope. Life comes at us in waves and surges, tossing us around. We can feel lost and broken. But this is also the beauty of life and love. The beauty is in where we've been, how we kept moving and what kept us going.


released December 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Ana Lena Copeland St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Damaged
Nothing matters when you’re damaged, more than feeling those
Pieces that were scattered somehow fit back together
No one understands, no one could possibly understand
The fire that burns inside turning you to ash

It’s just you facing the shadows
It’s just you

Nothing matters when you’re damaged
You do the best that you can to keep it locked in confidence
Keep it from spilling out
But some days your footsteps don’t match the way you carry yourself
No one could gauge the weight or strength that it takes

When it’s just you remembering to breathe
It’s just you

Nothing matters when you’re damaged but here you stand
Alive, against all the odds that said you’d never make it out
From under that tight grasp that held you to silence
Though you were dying for someone to listen to your eyes

It’s just you fighting to survive
It’s just you

Nothing matters when you’re damaged, at least that’s what you tell yourself
Every morning with the sunrise, hoping it sinks in this time
When against your will you relive the moments that held you captive for so long
Leaving you damaged

But it’s just you who thinks you are alone
It’s just you who blames you for what was done
It’s just you, it’s just you
Track Name: Bitterness
This is where it ends now,
I can't keep control or hold myself
Back against this bitterness making me a prison of my own past

Silly me oh why did I leave
Home alone looking to become someone
Else than who I am inside
I stumbled upon tricks and lies

My secrets are inside, my secrets run and hide

I feel bitterness is creeping in, taking over my soul
I feel bitterness is caving in, making my heart it's home

Down the streets I aimlessly walk
Put distance between that life and me
But somehow the pain remains
Now I fear I'm ruined to love again

My secrets are inside, my secrets come to life

Watch it all come crashing down
Take your stand or take a bow
Cracks of light are reaching far
Farther down to test your scars
Trade your hope and you'll be numb
Chasing love and carnivals
Darker days are drawing near
Closer here to wake your fears
Track Name: Lonely
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing so still I think I'll turn to stone
It's just so crazy some days how much we don't know

Words can say so much and still not enough
Tricky little riddles twisting up your heart
It's just so crazy some days how differently we spell love

You're waiting for me
To come back around
Patiently, you draw me into your arms
And I don’t know why I ever thought I wouldn’t be

Drifting in and out of this daydream
Drifting in deeper to find that place so sweet
It's just beyond my wildest dreams how you ended up with me

At the end of the day you know I'm yours to hold
At the end of the show you won't be going home alone
And in between the scenes of this daydream
Remember you and me at the start when you won my heart
Track Name: If You're Gonna Love Me
1. I take my sweet time when I feel like
2. I will be waiting outside until I know you're alright
3. All I need is your smile and your eyes and your laugh and your love, mmm, hold me tight
4. There's only one way to win me
You better figure it out
Oh these things you should know

if you're gonna love me
I need you to need me desperately
If you're gonna hold me
Babe, it better damn be real every time
If you're gonna take my heart and tie it to yourself
I need your love to break through every wall I have and prove it to me

Hey, please say those sweet word in a whisper in my ear
Don’t go walking away and leave me here behind
Truth, all I know is that I’ll never lie, never leave, never find another love like you
Oh you won me sweet and slow, I’ll never let you go

Will you love me for whatever I am every day?
What now? I'm beautiful? Ha, how do you know that?
Will you let me be a mess and think the worst of myself over and over again?
Hey, you better not let me stay there too long
Track Name: Oh Honey
You make my heart melt and it beats out of my chest
Butterflies when you smile at me with your eyes
You see right through and you know me too
I can’t hide from you

Oh honey, it’s what you do
Oh honey, it’s what you do to me
Hey baby, I think you’re crazy for loving me
Oh honey

You know my secrets, promise you’ll keep them
Skeletons that make a home in my head
You’ll never leave and you make me sing
Sweeter than ever and I’ll love you forever

No one is sweeter and no one is deeper
No one loves me like you do
Track Name: So
I’m sorry for the words that I didn’t say
Before you walked out the door
Now you’re gone away
I kept them to myself
I didn’t want you thinking I was foolish

But oh they are sweet, like honey
They’d make you feel like a queen
I’m so sorry
But will you listen to them now
I think I’ve got them down

I love you so
I need you so don’t stay away too long
I’ve gone for days all alone before but I
I miss you so

Can you feel the string pull from my heart
Like a tightrope to yours when we’re apart
I whisper to myself “just another day left”
The sun will rise a few more times and you’ll be back

Did you know how long this love would last?
Did you know how far this love would stretch?
Halfway across the world and back
Track Name: Unsteady
Here comes the flood again
Rushing in, crashing down, tidal waves knocking me over
It lets cold inside my soul
Somehow it thinks my heart is home
I'm not ok

Oh, don't let go
Oh, don't let go of me
Oh, don't let go
Oh, don't let go of me
I'm so unsteady

Don't let me slip away
Take my hand, grip it white, talk to me so I believe everything’s alright
Cuz it stays awake while I dream
This heartache eats away at me

Hold me now, maybe just hold me down
I need you to hold me tight, so tight I can breathe
Hold me now, I need you to hold your ground
Hold me please, just hold me, hold me
Track Name: Anchored
We have this hope as an anchor
We have this hope secure
In the middle of the ocean
When the darkness closes in
Our hope is sure

He is the same today, tomorrow and forever
He is the love that holds our broken hearts together
He is for us, he is enough
He is the hope that comes to anchor down our souls

He will never leave, he will never leave us
He will never sleep, he is faithful to us